Awaji inc. makes a grest contriction to the society for tomorrow looking at the future of the steel industry.

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We Boast active investment to cope with varified sophosticated needs by the means of rationalization such as speed and low cost.

Profile of Facilities

Crane 20TON 4 sets
Crane 10TON 2 set
Crane 5TON 2 set
Crane 2.8TON 8 sets
Hydraulic Press 1000TON 1 set
Hydraulic Press 1200TON 1 set
Brake Press 350TON 9mm×3800mm 1 set
Radial Boring Machine 2500mm 2 sets
Automatic Borer ABF1500 1 set
Medium sized Gas Tracer 2000mm×4000mm 1 set
Bending Roller 25mm×3200mm 1 set
Turning Roller 50TON 2sets 20TON 5sets 10TON 3sets
Automatic Saw Cutter 800mm×800mm 1 set
Automatic Bevel
Cutting Machine
4mm~40mm 1 set
Compressor 50P, 30P 各 1set
Automatic Welding
  1 set
CO2 Auto-Traveling Wekder   6 sets
New Reformer   1 set
CO2 arc welding 300A ~ 500A 32 sets
arc welding 300A ~ 500A 5 sets
Submerged arc welding 1000A 1 set


The size that can turn over

wide (mm) 5,000
height (mm) 4,000
length (mm) 20,000
weight (TON) 40


Transportation capability (transport)

wide (mm) 3,500
height (mm) 3,000
length (mm) 20,000
weight (TON) 40