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Awaji Iron Works Co., Ltd. (the "Company") has established the following as personal information protection policy, to build a system of personal information protection, by making thorough efforts and recognition of the importance of protecting personal information to all employees,We will promote the protection of personal information.

Use of personal information

Company are, if you get to provide your personal information from customers, on a case-by-case basis and clearly the purpose, use of contact of the services that would be beneficial to be asked when and customers to contact you in response to your inquiryWe will use only to the purpose.

Disclosure, correction, deletion, etc. of personal information

Company are, for the personal information provided by customers, disclosure, correction, respond promptly to a reasonable extent if you can offer us is in the "Contact Us" in this web site if you are interested in, such as adding or deleting I will do.

Provide information to third parties

Company are, unless you did the disclosure measures and advance consent in accordance with laws and regulations, not your personal information will be disclosed in use or a third party other than the above purpose.

Safety management of personal information

Company are, we will take the security measures as much as possible in order to prevent leakage and leakage of personal information provided by customers.

Revision of this content

Company, this content appropriately review depending other necessary amendments to the laws and regulations, there is a thing to be revised.

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